This page provides steps to activate your hub and add new devices. When complete, you will have the ability to interact with those devices using the Jilia API.

Before You Begin

  • Your hub must be both powered on and connected to the internet. The activation process relies on being able to communicate with the hub.
  • If you have not already, create a new application and review the instructions to make authenticated calls to the Jilia API.
  • Each hub comes with a unique key required as part of the activation process. You will not be able to access your hub until activation is complete.

Hub Activation

Login and go to your Hubs page. Click on the Activate button. You will be presented with a form for the hub's Activation Key and an optional Name.

If the activation key is not valid or cannot be found, the form will update to display an appropriate error.

After a successful activation, the collection of hubs displayed will refresh and your new hub will be available. If you provided a name, it will be used as the main display value for the hub. Otherwise, the generated hub UUID (everything after HUB-) is the displayed value. This UUID value is also referred to as the server id in Jilia API documentation.

Permit Joining

Each hub has a zigbee service. It exposes an action named permit-joining. In order to add a new device to your hub, you must call this action with a duration value. The duration is the number of seconds the hub will remain available for new devices to join.

A call to permit-joining requires an HTTP POST request using the server and zigbee ids. The example below uses a cURL command. Note the -H argument to set the header, and the -d argument to provide the required data.

curl -XPOST{server-id}/devices/{zigbee-service-id}
  -d "action=PermitJoining&duration=30"
  -H "Authorization: Bearer {token}"

If you are new to using the Jilia API, the above call can be made directly by following the steps in the Quick Start guide. Specifically, steps number three through five can be used to enable peering on the hub.

The hub below reports reports multiple running services, including ZigbeeService

Select ZigbeeService and query for its details. Note the PermitJoining action.

Select the PermitJoining action and enter a duration to view the complete cURL command.

Set Device

With the hub ready to add new devices, the device itself must be made to look for a network to join. Jilia supports a growing number of devices. Each device can have their own mechanism for joining open networks.

New devices typically have a tab that can be used to activate it. If the device is already part of a network, it can usually be reset via a power cycle and some combination of reset buttons.